Custom Web Applications

From simple site modifications to complete custom applications that tie into other systems, all is possible! On the technical side if you already have a requirement, I primarily program in PHP in a LAMP VPS/Dedicated environments.

Consulting Services Meeting

Web Consultation

Have a hacked or broken site? We can help you get you fixed up. Also for more specialized needs such as SEO, Facebook marketing or custom quality graphic design, I can put you in touch with trusted professionals.


Tips and Stories

Something new for me, actually sharing tips and stories from my years of development. While I have no problem sharing one on one, I’m quite uncomfortable presenting to a wide audience. I hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

Why “Twine”?

I get asked this a lot. Growing up we used to go visit my grandparents’ farm, something all over the barn was baling twine from hay bales. It was so useful for all kinds of things. It was good and strong and could be used to built things, or repair things. (And it kept the hay nice and neat.) I always thought of it as being very versatile.

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Some of the clients Twine Development has worked with

Use the contact page for a list of references.