Custom Web Applications

There are web sites, then there applications. You are viewing a site, it has infomration it presents, and other than basic things like commenting on the blog area or using the contact for, it is basically just presenting you information. While there is a CMS powering the site, is has also been customized to handle the final output over to the server in a way to imporve preformance over wha the CMS has to offer.

I have also written custom web applications from the ground up, including user systems with multiple levels/permissions, credit card processing (back before it was as easy as it is now, especially for recurring billing), to multiple modules for data entry, all wrapped up with multiple reports to give the users custom financial information that they use to run their businesses. In the fall of 2016 this app was rewritten from ground up to have more modern look and feel with updated features.

Then there are fun projects, that pull in data from other sources and present them on the site, such as a car dealership to tie in live inventory. Even better than that were companies that had onside product pricing inventory data, that needed daily updated to their website for sales, and one of them needed any sales made to be sent directly back to their inventory system server so they went hand in hand with non web sales. (Most online stores, the company gets back an invoice to know what to process.)

There is a wide range of applications, and I enjoy the process of planning and figuring them out for my clients. I also pride myself for making them as user friendly (both for my clients and their users). Instead of where some places are “here is how you need to change your workflow to match what was available already for you”, I prefer to take the time to make it so what is available to them follows their natural work flow as much as possible. I find this greatly reduces the support issues after product lauch, vs, always needing help or a complicated tutorials to say what to do, especailly when a new employee starts working with the system.

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