Web Consultation

Sometimes clients do not need a full blown web solution created. Sometimes they are just stuck and need help moving forward, their current site broke, or worse… they have been hacked. There is also the possility that on top of services I can directly provide they need a good recomendation on a trusted source for other work.

I’m here for clients and non clients to help. I love to teach. So if someone is stuck or they have a broken site, i have no problem getting them back on track, and more importantly, that they learn themselves. I’m actively on a few web development and programming forums and enjoy helping people out there.

Then there is the panic of “we’ve been hacked”. This one, well I prefer not to guide on, but to actually clean up. When a site is hacked it can and usually is more than “here is one thing done, fix it and we are good”. You need to know what else they could have done while there, you saw the obvious, but did you know that exploit script they hid elsewhere on your site, so they can come back in again and again after you thought you “fixed it”. Best advice, if you even thing you have been hacked, immediately get a copy of all of your site and data. Then for most sites (as it usually happens on a WordPress install), do a complete fresh install of the site and lay content back in. Yes it can be a DIY task, but it is something I don’t care to walk someone through in case something gets missed on their end.

And, while most people will hide it, I openly admit there are aspects of web development that I will recommend being outsources. Basic layouts using a theme (like I did for this site) can come out “decent”, if you want an over the top site, you need a professional graphic designer. Someone who knows web/mobile layouts, how colors work with each other, and can take you custom images and blend them into your site to look like they belong. When you look at sites I have worked on, sadly, it is easy to tell the ones where I actually did the design / color scheme. I’m horrible at it!

Other areas I prefer not to touch, SEO¬† and Facebook marketing. While I always have an interest in these, they just change too often and have too many aspects for me to be able to keep up. I know people who do it professionally, and will recommend them, after letting you know the minimum costs. A lot of people think Search Engine Optimization is a “set it and forget it” type of deal. Nope, it is pricey, and it is ongoing. You have to be prepared to invest.

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